Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers

Just released on Apple Arcade, I’m excited to announce Wylde Flowers! I have been animating on this game for almost two years and am thrilled and proud to have been part of the amazing team of developers. We had a great time creating this game and now release it into the “Wylde” for everyone to enjoy.

Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist! Join Tara on a heartfelt journey to become a witch in Wylde Flowers. Farm by day, and cast spells by night as you craft your cottagecore life and bond with your coven. Come to know and love the fully voice-acted characters of Fairhaven, as you unravel a local mystery.

Download it here, or go to the Wylde Flowers web site to get more information and sign up for the newsletter.

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