Roses are dead...
Roses are dead…

I’ve been playing around with the VSCO app on my iPhone.  It allows you to take a little control of the phone’s camera and then offers many powerful ways to tweak the image.

I got it because, as much as I’d LIKE to have my camera on me when beauty presents itself, I usually don’t.  That may be a habit I should break.  In the meantime, I’ll have fun with this app and use it to try to capture the beauty in everyday life all around me.

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Bathroom Meet Cute

This is part of a scene I wrote and animated as part of an assignment for AnimSquad.  Inspired by the rigs, which come from AnimSquad, I decided on a ‘meet cute’ scenario but wanted to set it in an unusual place.  This shot needs a little more polish, but I think is almost there.  I have another 15-20 seconds of the scene to finish animating.  Look for it in the next month or two!

The voices are those of my talented co-workers Kate LaVallee and Tim Miner, who both brought added dimensions to the characters that I hadn’t thought of.  Egan Budd recorded the sessions.