Dog Gone

We said goodbye to Elsa and Josie today.  Otherwise know as Ethel and Lucy, we acquired them several weeks ago with the intention of keeping them.  Unfortunately, we quickly realized they were going to be much more than we were prepared to handle.  Admittedly, our timing for adopting dogs was not good.  With life a little up in the air, adding such a large responsibility was a mistake.  On top of that these sweet, loving animals were not only not house broken, but didn’t know any commands at all.  When we set out to adopt, we were clear about the dogs being a little older and used to living in a house.  Elsa and Josie are about three years old and loaded with energy.  They are loving and calm down very quickly, but just too much for us to handle at this time.

They are currently being boarded at Eva’s Play Pups and enjoying life on a 30 acre farm while they await adoption from the right family for them.  We wish them well and miss them.

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Ben Franklin Museum

Now that the Ben Franklin Museum has opened in Philadelphia, I can share some of the work I did for it.  Under the direction of Salvatore Raciti at MemoryCollective, I built several animations using Maya and After Effects to educate, in an entertaining way, the many aspects of Franklin and his impact on history.  I learned a lot about Franklin and enjoyed the process of animating the different pieces immensely.  I developed a great workflow to build these 2 1/2D animations, using illustrations by Katherine Streeter, rigging and animating them in Maya, then composting them in After Effects.  I hope to do more work like this in the near future and even have plans to try the same process but with paper cut-outs stop-motion animated.