Mike Taylor

After giving up on my dream to be a rock ’n’ roll star, I switched gears to become a data warehouse developer.  After a career in IT too long to dare to remember, I began playing around with computer animation on a trusty, old SGI machine.  In 2007, I graduated with the first class at AnimationMentor.com and ditched my ‘real’ job for a career in animation.

Since then, I have brought to life iconic characters from Lord of the Rings, Cheetos, DC Comics and the Toys Hall of Fame, among so many other things, creating appealing characters for video games, commercials and museum displays.  Recently, I have been animating dozens of characters for the cozy game Wylde Flowers and have settled in to a comfy remote job with the Australian-based developers at Studio DryDock, working from my home studio in Western Massachusetts.

In my spare time, when I don’t have a bass guitar strapped to me (dreams are hard to let go), I am plotting to bring animated characters into the real world using the magic of mixed-reality.

Take a look at my portfolio on Vimeo, or say Hello!

email: mike@wickedtaylor.com
phone: (508) 728-2585