For a dangerously long time, I have been staring at a computer screen, bringing all sorts of characters and creatures to life through the magic of animation. My work can be found in commercials, video games, film and in some of the country’s top museums. I can – and have – done it all. From ‘just’ contributing my animation skills to large teams to creating animations for clients all by my lonely self. I especially shine when leading productions or teams of animators.

Never content with the ordinary world, I have co-founded NuHalu, a company that brings fantasy into the real world using the magic of mixed reality.

I love watching movies, cooking (and eating), and photographing nature at uncomfortably close distances. When I am not doing any of the above or torturing my bass guitar to some obscure prog song, I can be found in a dark corner of my basement, stop-motion animating paper cutout characters for my short film, 1979, which, I swear, will be done soon.

Say Hello!

email: mike@wickedtaylor.com
phone: (508) 728-2585